Hi, My Name Is Subramanyam

I am in a mission to Transform Businesses by Providing simplified systems, Process & solutions Ensuring that the solutions are affordable, So that, we can able to support majority of Start Ups & SME's to set strong foundation

I am an M.B.A Graduate with More than a 12+ Years of experience in Sales & Marketing had handled designations like AGM & GM, handled operations across south India  

Having experience as an Entrepreneur for 7+ Years, Started 3 Businesses and able to scale it to decent Turnover Of 15 Crores from the scratch and gone through detailed study for around 2 years - Created beautiful yet efficient business model by understanding the pain points of Aspiring entrepreneurs & First time business owners - which helps MSME's to excel in their start-up journey

With the knowledge & experience which i had gained from past 20 Years, I am guiding tart ups & SME,s The Fortune Business Model will provide step by step guidelines to increase the chance to succeed & improves your startup spirit

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Primary goal of venturing Fortune Business Academy is to increase the success rate of Start-ups in India

As per the statistics more than 80% of start-ups are closing down – due to various factors like starting it without clear vision–analyzing market–in experienced way of streamlining it etc.., due to which 80% of start-ups are closing their operations within 5-7 years of starting it. It is having lot of effect on Founders Personally – it is reducing employment opportunities 

Here in Fortune Business Academy we strive to set strong foundation for every start-up who are associating with us, so that it helps them to fast track their business reach and enhance their productivity. It helps to increase Start-up success rate, increase employability and helps to build nation

   We believe and follow Code of honor / long-term thinking / delivering values / transparent communication & we constantly improve products and services. We provide 10X value for each and every penny you invest with us. In FBA we primarily support Start-ups, Small and medium entrepreneurs because most of them unaware of the FACT that business process can be simplified / automated in a smart & efficient manner.

      It will help them to track all functions in a simplified manner and provides more free time to think about Expansion or R&D. Moreover, it does not require any Specialized Qualification / Prior Experience / Technical Knowledge / English Fluency – It can be implemented by anyone with Basic Computer skill and following step by step process provided by FORTUNE BUSINESS ACADEMY 

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Traditional Vs Adaptive Business

You Can Automate all your Communications -Internal & External with a Click Of A Button

Simplify & Automate Almost All Repetitive Tasks - Bring Peace Of Mind - Increase Efficiency - Enjoy Your Life

Most of the tools are User Friendly - Ready to Start - It does not require coding or expert technical knowledge - anyone and everyone can do it with basic computer skills 

Mails - Promotion / Follow Up / Invitation / News Letters

WhatsApp - Payment Follow Up Reminders & Promotion

MS Excel Automation - Budgeting / Stock Management / Attendance Management etc...

Google Forms Automation for Lead Management / Process Improvement etc...

It is very important for startups and small enterprises to adopt Online Sale & Marketing at the early stage itself,

Because routine traditional marketing process will consume more resources like time / money & effort, as a start-up it is necessary for as to fast track our business reach sooner & faster.

Here in Fortune Business Academy we strive to set strong foundation for every start-up who are associating with us, so that it helps them to fast track their business reach and enhance their productivity.

It helps to increase Start-up success rate, increase employability and helps to build nation too.

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The Fortune Business Academy has been thoughtfully designed based on research we had created business model with minimum guarantee success - starting from Idea Validation - Industry/ Market Analysis-Niche Selection-Prototype testing-SWOT Analysis-USP Creation to gain competitive advantage.

 We guide to bring offline business to online - Digital business growth potential-How to grab & streamline business - growth & acceleration -Qualities required for a visionary leader, how to install Millionaire mindset

Evaluation of a business, designing long-term business vision & mission

How to decide right & suitable business structure for your business, business growth hacks-How to bring your offline business to online on your own - with the step by step process provided.

How to create branding & promote your business in social media - How to schedule posts, Create infographics , Shorts & videos ,Team management & Lean management benefits-tips or tricks to handle efficiently.

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How to create your own hub/community-how it will help you go get millage for your business-How to create Multiple sources of income instead of depending on single source of income - Guidelines to create Pitch-Deck to spellbound Investors to invest in your business-how to get 360degree view of your business

So that you will come to know where you are doing good & where you need to improve _from start to creating bullet proof / recession proof business model - It is especially perfect choice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs / First Time Business Start-ups/ Businesses who are struggling due to pandemic & dint have online presence / Businesses who want to digitalize their promotion / Businesses who want to have Optimum Utilization of Available Resources and Accelerate / Scale with limited resources

We have affordable automation solutions for most of the Department Verticals

Our aim is to support at least 1,00,000 Entrepreneurs & strengthen Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises we are committed to give Sophisticated Experience & set strong foundation for Start-ups in India-as part of it we are providing Free Consultation - feel free to reach us

You can also register for free webinar using the link
www.fortunebusinessacademy.com/webinarregistration we will communicate date & time as per the availability.

Connect with us Fortune Business Academy - A Lifeline for Start-up Foundation

In this free webinar we will guide you from idea generation to launching your start-up with in 3months - how to establish strong foundation which can withstand, accelerate even in recession and amplify your business success