Hi, My Name Is Subramanyam

I am in a mission to Transform Businesses by Providing Simplified Automation Process & Enabling it Affordable So that Start Ups & SME's Can Get Maximum Benefit Out Of t

I am an M.B.A Graduate with More than a Decade of experience in Sales & Marketing had handled various designations in South India Level for Prestigious Organizations in India 

Started 3 Businesses and able to bring to decent Turnover Of 15 Crores from the start and also got trained fo Business Automation for More than 2 years 

With all of the above 18 Years of experience I can able to develop Simplified Business Automation  which will be suitable for Every Start up & SME and It is affordable for every Entity - These systems having Power to Transfer & Smoothen your Entrepreneur Journey.

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You Can Automate all your Communications - Internal & External with a Click Of A Button

Simplify & Automate Almost All Repetitive Tasks - Bring Peace Of Mind - Increase Efficiency - Enjoy Your Life

Most of the tools are User Friendly - Ready to Start - It does not required coding or expert technical knowledge - any one and everyone can do it with basic computer skills 

  • Mails - Promotion / Follow Up / Invitation / News Letter

  • WhattsApp - Payment Follow Up Reminders & Promotion

  • MS Excel Automation - Budgeting / Stock Management / Attendance Management etc...

  • Google Forms Automation for Lead Management / Process Improvement etc...

4 Pillars To Business Success

1. Team Work

2. Automating Business Process

3. Serving Huge Marketing

4.  Analyzing & Improving It

Aerial view of a business team
Abstract Double exposure of Business man touching an imaginary screen against white background
Business man holding the small world in his hands against white background (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Automation Solutions for Business Verticals

We have affordable automation solutions for most of the Department Verticals - Few Are Mentioned Below 

Automate Business Promotion


Customer Service Automation


Orders & Invoice Automation


Automate Sales Funnels & Lead Generation


Documents Workflow Automation


HR Systems Automation


Payment Follow Up Automation


E Mail Automation


Inventory Automation


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Our Company Aim is to Help at least 1,00,000 Entrepreneurs & Strengthen Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises Especially - we are committed to give Sophisticated Experience - as part of it we are providing Free Consultation - feel free to reach us

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