Frequently asked questions ( FAQ’s)


In this we would like to clarify that, what you can expect before buying the Fortune  Business Launchpad , Topics you are going to learn in this course and possibility to get transformation or benefit

1. How can you start a business 

     Based on your passion – How can you bridge it to meet market demand If you create business based on your passion – you will enjoy doing it – have a stress free lifestyle

2.  How can you validate your business idea 

  With step by step research & getting feedback, improve it and how can you prepare prototype prior to going for production If you validate your business idea – with proper market research – create a product / service which is meeting market demand – your business success chances are high – if you do prototype testing of your product / service – prior to going for mass production – you are going to save lot of money otherwise which will be wasted unnecessarily

3.  How to select business niche 

    Do industry analysis – market research If you able to fine tune your Business Niche – you can focus on limited area – initially if you focus on your Niche – you can able to server better – gain loyal consumers – improves credibility – industry analysis & market research will help you to pitch your product or service to the target market efficiently and gain confidence among your customers

4.  How to do SWOT Analysis &  USP Creation

If you able to do SWOT (Strength – Weakness – Opportunity & Threats) analysis – you can understand better and concentrate where you need to be, If you able to create USP ( Unique Selling Proposition ) for your business – it will help you to gain competitive advantage

5.  How to select right Business Structure

If you able to start with selection right business structure based on the necessity, it will help you to move freely & it reduces cumbersome experience of handling unnecessary works – In this we will guide you types available to choose based on your business planning

6.  How to design Business Vision & Mission

Your Business Vision will help you to improve Focus on things you need to prioritize & concentrate – Mission will guide you how to achieve your desire Vision or Goal

7.  About MSME

How it is segregated – what advantage / benefit for you for registering as an MSME

8.  Business Stages & Focus

If you know what to do when to do and how to do – there is higher possibility for succeed

9.  How to plan efficient sales process

This process if you able to follow thoroughly – your lead to sale conversion ratio will improve – it helps to improve profit margins / ROI10.  Digital growth potential & necessity have online presence for my business  Once you understand digital growth potential – you can understand – future readiness required for your business – we will also guide you – how to bring your offline business to online in a cost effective way – without finding hassle – 4 pillars to succeed in online marketing

10.Digital growth potential & necessity to have online presence for your business  

     Once you understand digital growth potential – you can understand – future readiness required for your business – we will also guide you – how to bring your offline business to online in a cost effective way – without finding hassle – 4 pillars to succeed in online marketing

11.How to plan your Start-up journey

We will provide step by step guide – which you need to do it starting day 1 – if you follow the guidelines provided – you can able to start your business within 7 days to 90days – depending upon the effort you make it or seriousness – time you spend to complete it

12.For whom actually Fortune Business Academy designed for?

A.     Aspiring Entrepreneurs – who dint have any prior experience – starting business for the first time

B.     First time business owners – who just started – but dint know how to move forward & establish it

C.     Struggling businesses – Who are finding difficulty to survive would like to set foundation strong

D.     Who dint have online presence – Who would like to digitalize business – like to bring to online

E.     Optimum utilization of resource available – Who would like to reach vide area of customers as soon as possible

F.      Optimum utilization of resources – With Lean & Team management practices it can be done We will guide above mentioned category businesses to enhance their outcome

13.What benefit you will get by associating with Fortune Business Academy?

First and foremost – we help to set strong foundation for your business – once you set foundation strong you can plan well to accelerate your business. 

* This process helps you to focus on critical works which is be important in developing your business 

* It helps to improve your success percentage    

* Systems & processes helps you to grow smoother and faster

* It helps to attain better results – like improving Profits / ROI

* It helps to increase your Freedom

14.History of business Evolution

If you understood the history – you will have clarity about fast phased changes happening in the business world – how you should prepare your business to adopt to the changes happening in the business world. If you able to meet the phase – your success chances will be higher

15.Foundation principles

If you able to set Foundation Principles clear and strong – irrespective of the situation you can survive and accelerate your business efficiently In this course we will guide you

– how to set that mind-set 

– how to set SMART Goals

– how to set & achieve it

– how to bring congruence between body 

– mind and heart (soul) to accomplish your goal 

– how to build faith/self-confidence, burning desire 

– imaginary power within you.

16.Code of honor

How to set code of honor – which helps to achieve Growth / have Clarity on what to do 

– when to do / what to do / how to do which produces appropriate results for your business
– How to take quick action with focused implementation & Charity 

– how to plan and deliver

17. How to plan and achieve your desired Fortune

Once you know this – you will work smart instead of hard / you will build systems to scale your business / you will continue to take data driven business decisions and improve your business success / You will utilize the power of Automation – which saves lot of time and provide you freedom / You will know the importance of delegation and how to
do it / You will have clarity why you need to serve the hungry market and improve your returns      


18. Income modes & MSI

By knowing about  it – you will understand what you are doing currently – will it meet your future financial needs  how to plan it will to meet your future needs – how to add additional source of income – how to plan and improve your earning potential with the available resources   

19.Reasons to fail while starting anything new

Once you understood that – you can eliminate it – so that you will move towards success as an individual and as a

20.How you should improve your thinking habits to be successful        

You will come to know – poverty thinking habits you need to avoid / eliminate – Wealthy thinking habits you need to install – success thinking process you need to follow & basic fundamentals to succeed

21.Paradigm shift from employee to employer

Once you go through it – you will have crystal clear picture about Effort & Rewards / Accomplishment feeling / creative satisfaction you get it / Constraining which you can avoid / Freedom you get it / How can you escape 9-5 job boredom / reputation enhancement / how can you impact society / Lifestyle improvement / Improved decision making power / Deciding your financial future etc..

22.Secret of success?
while starting your business 
Once you go through the course you can clear understanding ·       

    *  Business Clarity – What– How – Why

    *  Business Model – Through analysis of your business

    *  Awareness about budget & expenses – funding for your business

    *  Timing of your business launch – suitability & sustainability

    *  Healthiness of your Founding team  

23.Statistical survey data – why 80% of the start-ups are unable to survive after 5 years ?

Once you have clarity – if you able to analyze your business based on the stats available – you can eliminate those and improve your success chances – we will also guide you how to eliminate it

24.Foundation strategies

Once you go through the course – you will understand 10 elements which helps you to set Strong Foundation strategies
for your Start-up

25.Strategic planning to build Successful Business or Start-up

In this course we will know about Long term thinking –flexibility you need to have towards reaching your vision – Delivering value as promised – transparent communication – how to plan strategy being in your control – how to improve products / services – lead generation tactics – delivering innovative products to meet market demand  core areas to concentrate while building a start-up etc.….

26.How to plan and launch your business to gain maximum benefit?

We will guide you simple yet efficient 6 step formula for Business Success / 3 Focus areas to build your business – Pillars to gain completive advantage & Tips to gain competitive advantage, all the secrets will be disclosed in this course

27.How to create branding – necessity to create branding for my small business ?

As per the current business trends – even though your business may be small – there is a necessity – we will guide you to create branding in a cost effective way without spending money – customers will prefer to buy from known brand than unknown / it helps to differentiate from other competitors – it gain confidence and build trust to your consumers – tips to build brand image

28.Qualities of an entrepreneur / visionary leader?

You will know exactly what you have and which qualities you need to focus and improve

29.Soft skills required for you as a  businessmen & how to install Millionaire mind-set in you

You will know exactly what you have and which qualities you need to focus and improve

30.Necessity to build OWN HUB / COMMUNITY for your business

It helps to get easy referrals / builds loyal customers / will have controlled customer data / close monitoring will helps to get faster results / helps to get recurring sales / helps to improve profitability

31.Why do you need to analyze the Industry – prior to venturing your Business?

Once you go through the course – you will have clear knowledge about Competitive Revelry / Threat of new entrants in
that particular industry / Buying power – Selling power domination / Threat from substitutes – it helps to plan will and pitch your business offering

32.Why do you need to market research  – prior to venturing your Business?

Industry research is related to total industry – market research is related to Niche you had chosen – it helps to understand Buyers persona – through doing survey in the target market & preparing summary

33.Prototype testing –
Once you go through the course you will come to know – types of prototype / why do you need to do prototype testing prior to going for mass production / how to build prototype suitable for your business & How to proceed after completing prototype testing – what precautions you need to take while doing it

34.Business Growth hacks

After going through this course – you will understand how to grow your business faster – where you need to concentrate to grow your business faster and smoother

35.Strategic Planning

Once you go through the course you will determine where you are – what’s important – what you must achieve – Accountability – tips to plan effective business strategy

36.Elements to build sustainable business model

Once you go through the course – you will know how to strengthen your business infrastructure – when you need to plan and do it, How to strategize and increase your business profitability to succeed, how to plan and improve customer focused growth strategy

37.Team management

Once you go through the course – you will have clear idea about – Benefits of team management / How to track performance / Effective team management practices you need to follow / Why effective team management is required for your business / Tips to manage team efficiently & How to overcome challenges if any

38.Basics of Lean Management

      Once you go through the course – you will have clear idea about – what is lean management – why it is required for my          business / basics of lean management principles / steps to design lean management for your business / advantages of lean        management – how it will reduce wastage & improve your profitability

39.How to build recession proof business? Does it even Possible?

Yes, Once you go through the course – you will have clear idea about – how you can plan & ensure access to cash / inventory planning / how recession may effect / how you can survive in the bad economy / how can you thrive during recession / what makes you successful / tips to handle your business in tough times

40.How to plan a growth strategy

Once you go through the course – you will have clear idea about – key steps to shape your business growth strategy / key elements to execute it / growth challenges to anticipate and overcome

41.Guidelines to prepare your business – bringing from offline to online

All the necessary information starting from Logo preparation guidelines – how to plan visiting card – letterhead /broacher /catalogue / flyers / promos / Domain / Hosting / Font Phycology / Color Phycology / How to select business name / QR Code preparation / Social Media Page creation / Short video creation to promote your business online /business email / website preparation lot more you will know

42.Executive Summary – Pitch deck preparation guidelines?
Business Pitch-deck 
It will helps to understand 360° view of your business – not only that – if you able to follow the guidelines provide you can spellbound your investors and attract them to invest in your business  

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